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Focus on your wellbeing with customised one-ON-one sessions or yoga classes for small groups.

Located in London and the Cotswolds, MarikoYoga offers a variety of yoga therapy options suitable for all levels. Mariko, a qualified yoga teacher, yoga therapist and movement educator, focuses in particular on sore joints, back problems and anyone affected by illness, providing yoga classes, sessions and workshops to improve health and wellbeing. 




About Mariko



Mariko discovered her passion for yoga in 1995. After relocating from tokyo to Singapore in 2002, she qualified as a yoga teacher. when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, yoga was a key influence in her journey to recovery. 

Mariko teaches Yoga at two locations - London and at her own private studio in the Cotswolds. Private lessons for individuals or small groups are possible and highly recommended, especially for those with specific issues, such as joint pain or chronic conditions, as Mariko can focus on your individual needs. She offers a variety of yoga suitable for all levels; Yin Yoga; Therapeutic Yoga and CalmSteadyStrong™, a yoga therapy designed specifically for those going through, or having finished, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  

Mariko continues to study under guidance of her teachers and mentors and completed one the most comprehensive level of yoga therapist training at Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy in June 2016, which is accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

MarikoYoga is a member of Yoga Alliance UK and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Please click here for One Yogi's Journey (an article on how I got into yoga therapy after cancer diagnosis) 


Yoga Options



Choose from regular workshops, small group classes or private, one-on-one sessions, all with a special focus on rehabilitation and health.


Yin & Yang
Yoga classes

Studio-based yoga classes for small groups, 6-10 people.  

Yin, a hybrid of Chinese and Indian wisdoms, has many health benefits. It can help loosen tight joints, rejuvenate your body and relax your mind. 

Remaining very still in a Yin pose gives your body and mind time to be calm and be more receptive.

Active movements, on the other hand, represent Yang which complement Yin practice. 

This yoga class is perfect for anyone with a busy and active life as you learn how to eliminate body tension and promote relaxation. 

 Suitable for all levels.

Benefits: Increases joint mobility. Clears the mind and improves relaxation.

When: Thursdays 16:30 - 17:45

Where: Jiva Health Yoga Studio,
19A Wimbledon Bridge, 
London SW19 7NH

Fee: Please refer to Jiva Health studio fee structure


Therapeutic yoga workshops

Regular workshops for small groups, typically 4-6 people. 

Therapeutic workshops have a different monthly focus. It could be a specific yoga pose such as Downward Dog or Warrior Pose or yoga targeted to specific areas of the body such as the neck and shoulder, or back, hips and knees. You learn how to reduce compensatory, habitual patterns and to move the way your joints are designed. This reduces pain and strain and is energising and effortless at the same time.  

These yoga workshops are also ideal for runners, golfers, cyclists and anyone active in sports.  

Suitable for all levels.

Benefits: Promotes general fitness. Improves strength and flexibility.

When: Saturday mornings once a month 


MarikoYoga Private Studio at WR10
(Please contact for address details)


Jiva Health Yoga Studio
19A Wimbledon Bridge
London SW19 7NH (10 pers max)

Fee:  1x 2hr workshop = £30 p.p.


Therapeutic Yoga

Customised, one-on-one private sessions held at the clinic or yoga studio.

Discomfort, tension and constant aches and pains can be signs that your body is out of balance and feeling strained. Therapeutic Yoga can bring about big results from the power of small movements, eliminating pain and tension. 

You will improve joint mobility, build strength and stability and generally feel more energised. All sessions are customised according to each person's health, condition and lifestyle. 

Progress faster with a personalised Home Programme which includes health tips and movements to practise at home. 

Suitable for all levels.

Benefits: Bespoke sessions, improved mobility, stability and strength.

When: Tue -Thurs in Wimbledon,

Mon & Sat in Cotswolds,

by appointment only

Where-Wimbledon venue:

Jiva Health Yoga Studio
19A Wimbledon Bridge
London SW19 7NH

North Cotswolds venue: 

MarikoYoga Private Studio at WR10
(Please contact for address details)

Fee:  1x 1hr session = £65 p.p.
Packages available. Please enquire for introductory offer at MarikoYoga private studio. 




Gentle Yoga for people affected by or recovering from cancer

Having experienced breast cancer herself, Mariko offers these highly effective yoga sessions for anyone going through cancer treatment. They are designed to reduce pain, improve your strength, alleviate and manage the discomforts and side effects of chemotherapy and radiation through gentle movement, breathing and relaxation techniques. Carers and family members are invited to join when accompanying someone who is attending the course.

If you want to move from surviving to thriving, then CalmSteadyStrong™ yoga is the class for you!
Read more about Mariko's journey through cancer here and The Benefits of Yoga during cancer treatment here.

By appointment only. Please contact Mariko. 

Read an article on  my cancer and yoga experience here: One Yogi's Journey

Benefits: Allows you to manage discomfort and side effects of treatment.

When: by appointment only

Where: Jiva Health Yoga studio
19A Wimbledon Bridge
London SW19 7NH

Fee: Donation
(Suggested donation for 1h session is £6-£60. All proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer support) 



 “Before I began working with Mariko, I couldn’t bend my knee properly due to a torn ALC ligament 25 years ago. After only a few sessions, I began to notice a difference. I felt no pain in my knee. To my delight I have started playing tennis again! More importantly I now know how to treat my knee when it is sore. Thank you very much. It was an exceptional experience!”      

(With past knee surgery and persistant knee pain. Therapeutic Yoga classes)


I learnt that listening to your body is so much more important than I realised! I loved Mariko’s gentle, effective style of teaching. I feel confident that these methods of Therapeutic Yoga could help alleviate certain conditions and enhance recovery from conditions like cancer and surgery – Moreover, I love the peaceful setting and her calmness!

(A breast cancer survivor with knee pain. Therapeutic Yoga sessions) 

“Before I took one-on-one sessions with Mariko, taking a Yoga class sounded like a daunting task to me. What I liked about the sessions with her, was the fact that these customised private sessions were more like physiotherapy in a calm, relaxing environment. With her guidance, I realised that small movements make such a big difference. I am grateful to Mariko for all her help. Highly recommended.”

(Masako, chronic lower back pain. Therapeutic Yoga sessions) 

“What surprised & interested me most about sessions with her was the way in which,
when applied under guidance and over time, Mariko’s interventions encouraged me to reflect more deeply on the way
 I engaged physically with the world, with the things and people in it. And cumulatively the techniques I learned pointed towards an ideal - of free, balanced, movement and stillness, (and an emotional state connected with those things) - that I had overlooked in my life. I found one-to-one tuition with Mariko extremely beneficial.

I would highly recommend her.”


(Customised Yoga private sessions)

 “I find the Yin & Yang class very relaxing and the deep stretching beneficial particularly as I do a lot of cycling.”

 (Yin & Yang Yoga classes) 

  “Each time I attend a session, I leave the session feeling much better. I think healing begins with firstly getting into a state of relaxation.  This is what I experience each session I have with Mariko.  I am always busy and tense and Mariko has taught me to relax, in spite of my stressful life. Another insight I gained is less is more – that the little movements are all I need to help my body in its healing.

(A breast cancer survivor with chronic backache, neck & shoulder pain. Therapeutic Yoga sessions) 

 “Very relaxing to have time to concentrate on one pose. It was also time for me to pause, and give myself time and space to myself.

(Yoga Workshop)



If you would like to book a class, a workshop, private sessions in London & North Cotswolds ,

or want to know more about MarikoYoga, please get in touch.

Mobile: +44 (0)7860 360503

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